Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vons and Ralphs Double Coupon Policy

Did you know...Ralphs and Vons still double coupons!!!
Of course there is a catch...
  • They will only double ONE like coupon
  • They will only double to $1.00

It's for sure not as great as it once was. But at least it is something.
Maybe we should get a petition together and bring back thier old double coupon policy!


  1. Yes we should! We should do like we "started" to do with Albertsons. I know that Save at home mommy had a petition for albertsons doubles. Since we do not get any in SoCal. I think is time we start cotacting vons and ralphs too!

  2. I'm with you guys! I really don't like that only 1 like coupon is doubled.

    Albertsons is way too expensive, in my view (even if they were to do doubles along the line of the Ralph's/Von's policy...