Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ralphs Triple Coupon Deals

Ralphs Triple Coupon Deals

Rules Reminder:
  • They will only triple to $1.00
  • You are only allowed to use one alike coupon
  • Sale is good from 9/3 - 9/8

This is what I have matched up so far. I will try post more later!

Bounty Single Paper Towel Roll - $1.00
.25/1 off any Bounty Paper Towel (8/30 PG)
triples to .75
Total = .25 cents each

Charim 4 Pack Toilet Paper - $1.88
.25/1 off any Charim Toliet Paper (8/30 PG)
triples to .75/1
Total = $1.13

Purex Laundry Detergent - $2.99
.35/1 Purex Landry Detergent (8/16 SS)
triples to $1.00
Total = $1.99

Hefty One Zip - $1.00
1/1 Hefty One Zip (8/30 RP)
Total = FREE

Mr Clean Eraser 1 ct - $1.00
1/1 Any Mr Clean Eraser (8/30 PG)
Total = FREE!

Vitamin Water - $1.00
.50/1 CVS $100 coupon booklet
triples to $1.00
Total = FREE

Coke 12 pack products x4 = 1.99 each
use in ad coupon on front page
2/1 man. coupon in the La Carrecta, El Tapatio Market Ads
Total = $5.56

Maruchan Yakisoba - $1.25
.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba (8/23 SS)
triples to $1.00
Total = .25

*Update Ball Park Franks - .88 cents
1/2 Ball Parks Hot Dogs (8/30 RP)
Total = .38 cents each

JennieO Turkey Franks - .88 cents
.55/1 Jennie-O Turkey Store Turkey Bacon, Smoked Sausage or Turkey Franks (7/26 SS)
triples to .88 cents
Total = FREE!

Jennie - O Turkey Bacon - $1.99
.55/1 Jennie-O Turkey Store Turkey Bacon, Smoked Sausage or Turkey Franks (7/26 SS)
triples to $1.00
Total = .99

Ralphs Frozen Corn - $1.00
.35/1 Ralphs Frozen Corn (Ralphs Rewards member mailer)
triples to $1.00
Total = FREE!

Minute Maid Frozen Novelty $1.00
.50/1 off Minute Maid Frozen Novelty (8/30 RP)
.50/1 off Minute Maid Frozen Novelty (7/26 RP)
triples to $1.00
Total = FREE!

Hormel Completes = $1.69
1/1 Hormel Complete Meals (8/16 SS)
Total = .69 cents

Barilla Pasta = $1.50
.50/1 Barilla Piccolini (8/23 SS)
tripled = $1.00
total = .50 cents

Pillsbury Grands - $2.50
.35/1 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits (7/12 SS)
triples to $1.00
Total = $1.50

Green Seedles Grapes = .49 cents a lb

Corn on the Cob = 4 for $1.00


  1. This is so awsome! Thank you so much! Can't wait to go to Ralphs tomorrow!!

  2. Thank you so much!! I hope you find it helpful!

  3. Can we combine the Coke in ad coupon with the once you mentioned from El Tapatio, etc? Ralphs policy allows stacking store and man. coupons?!

    Thanks for the MATCH UPS!

  4. Hi Ana, yes you can stack I just did it today to test. It would not scan because thecoupon was so small but the manager who was the cashier just put it through manually. You may have a different experience but it did work for me today

  5. Thanks for the list! Just wanted to know where you find the 1ct Mr. Clean Eraser?

  6. Hi, I found them hanging up above were all the sponges were in cleaning/laundry aisle. There weren't any left when I went back to the Ralphs by me today.

  7. Thank you for the response, Dallas.

    Looking forward to getting more deals off your site : )

  8. I miss the days when they actually doubled $1 coupons so you could get $2 off an item. Do we know why that policy changed in the last year?

  9. I can't find an contact email address for you but wanted to let you know that they are trippling coupons again this week! I post coupon match ups each week for Ralphs ad and Stater Brothers.

  10. Hi Amiee yes I know they are thank you so much I am actually in the process of wirtting up my match ups!

  11. Hi Dallas Discount!

    I asked about combining the in-add Coke coupon with the manufactuer's found in other store ads...You said it worked...I tried it...and...IT WORKED! THANK YOU--such a great deal on soft drinks!