Friday, September 11, 2009

My Experience

My experience tonight was AMAZING!!!

I worked a full 8 hours today (which is standing and walking for 7 of those hours) at work and neither my husband nor I felt like cooking tonight. We decided to try out one of our certificates. What a great experience! We went to Pat and Oscars our total was $36.97 and after the coupon it came to $8.97! I thought it was going to be around $11.00 but because the meal was less money the tax was also less! We of course left a tip so in total we spend $13.00 and have a ton of food left over. I know what I will be having for lunch tomorrow!
Needless to say I went and bought more!

If you forgot how to get your certificate go here


  1. My philosophy:

    When using coupons, it is important to tip on the full price of the meal. The staff has worked just as hard, and counts on those tips. 15-20% is appropriate, especially given the bargain price.

  2. We normally leave 20% since he is in the food industry himself usually over tips.
    Yet this is a different type of restaurant. You don't order your food at the table, you order at the counter. You get drinks, dressings, condiments and any other items yourself, as well as seating yourself and grabing your own high chair.
    The only time you see any service is a busser who brings out your food. Like Carls Jr where they leave the number on your table and some one quickly bring out your food.

  3. oops... he is my husband sorry left that part out