Sunday, September 6, 2009

I JUST SAVED $397.07!

I bought 5 Tag Readers
Should have cost me - $295.95 ($49.99 ea)
It actually cost me - $12.40! (plus tax)
savings of $283.55

I bought 8 Tag Reader Books
Should have cost me -$119.92
It actually cost me - $6.40! (plus tax)
savings of $113.52

I got 5 Tag Readers and 8 books for only $18.80!
Total saving of $397.07

How did I do it? Just look at the post below to find out!


  1. Hey Dallas, where did u find the Tag readers? I was looking for some last night, and went to two targets and neither had them on clearance. They had them regular priced, but not on clearance. They were Targets that were on the list of Targets that had them. I really only wanted one for Mateo's birthday. Maybe I will check another target.

  2. Tami email me your number please ASAP I have info for you