Thursday, June 18, 2009


Coupons are very important when it comes to saving money and getting good deals! I have been able to get many free items as well as saved over 60% off my grocery shopping bill!

Here are a few places to get some great coupons

1. The Sunday Paper! In my area you can get them in the LA Times or the OC Register.

2. Printable coupons are all the rage. Some stores will not accept these so beware but so far I have had no troubles using them.

3. Also, if you go the manufacturer website you may also find coupons.

4. All You magazine. This is usually packed with great coupons! This magazine is only sold at Wal Mart.

5. Lastly, check your food packaging for coupons. You may find a nice surprise if you take the time to look

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